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Monday, October 18, 2004

the new television season is KILLING me

I'm dying here. Why is it always feast or famine in the television world? Some years there's 100 new pilots and all but one of them sucks. This year every show that I've watched I've liked. Even Clubhouse although I've had to drop it due to unavoidable time slot conflicts. Usually in Canada I can get around the US timeslot issues because several shows are played at funny hours. This not being able to do that on Tuesday at nine is pissing me off. Kudos to Veronica Mars and One Tree Hill for winning my personal timeslot fight.

So, usually I take 20 or so new shows and watch them all once or twice and then chuck at least 15 of them. This year I've falled for SO many shows. Worse yet ALL the returning shows are kicking ass. For example Smallville, which I stopped watching two years ago, is rocking up the joint with yummy Jensen Ackles and roundhouse kicking Lois Lane. She's awesome let me tell you. So suddenly I'm on the Smallville train, a train I was NEVER on!

This doesn't even mention the shows which haven't even premiered yet like West Wing, Tru Calling, The OC, House, Alias and the Amazing Race 6.

So the new shows that I've picked up (SO FAR!!) are [in no particular order] LAX, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Veronica Mars, The Mountain, Life As We Know It, Kevin Hill and Medical Investigation. The ones I'm watching that I don't expect to survive the return of the OC are Dr. Vegas, Boston Legal, Jack and Bobby, and North Shore. I may not be telling the truth here, I suspect that Dr. V, North Shore and maybe even Boston Legal will survive any purge I may make. Ohhh I'm so screwed, I have SO many shows to watch. Even Jack and Bobby might be okay if Christine Lahti's character would just STOP having these ridiculous rants with no forethought whatsoever. How else has the professor remained unfired? I was just about to drop J&B and then those bastards went and stuck on Bradley Cooper whom I love. Bastards.

Okay and that's just the NEW shows. Then there's the returning shows. The ones I will watch until they die include Gilmore Girls, Charmed, ER, Andromeda and Crossing Jordan [well at least while Jerry O'Connell is on...] Then there's the sophomore shows which rocked so much in their first year that I have to watch them through most of this season just on previous strength... Nip/Tuck is a great example of a show I would have dropped if season one hadn't been SO amazing. That and it's on in the summer for me so it's not that hard to keep.

So the sophomores to which I have loyalty are Joan of Arcadia, One Tree Hill, Las Vegas, NCIS, Two and a half Men... and they're ALL rocking this season dammit. Dammit couldn't anyone suck?

Finally there's the shows that I like but don't have dedicated loyalty to. Shows like Survivor, Enterprise, What I Like About You, and Judging Amy.

I'm almost hoping for some cancellations just to keep myself sane. That's THIRTY hours of television in a week when everyone is running new episodes. Sweeps will just freaking kill me. I already dropped Clubhouse and there's still another conflict in that timeslot coming in a couple of weeks. Why does everyone run the shows I like at the same time? Monday is practically empty for christ sakes. There isn't a single thing on on Saturdays. It's frustrating. Least I didn't like Joey, solves the Survivor/OC/Joey dilemma.

Seriously folks what's going on? Why isn't anything sucking this season? I love new shows on ABC and UPN for crying out loud. This is ridiculous. Least NBC is doing less well... Hawaii wow. That was just bad.

It's funny that I don't mention CSI:NY. I hate CSI:Miami because Boratio is the most boring character on television and they leave legal holes you can drive a train through. I liked original CSI until they started dumbing it down for their new audience. This NY one though. I can't decide if I like it. My friend Princess Valium actually tells me to blog all the ways that I hate it. Mostly because they're hilarious and I am apparently stretching. The coroner is playing the identical person he played on the Handler and it's like a record scratch in my brain every time I see him. They steal DNA from people who refuse it to them but unlike original they at least take the occasional photograph. I have a instinctive hate filled reaction to the show and yet I really like several of the actors. Maybe I just have enough forensic shows and I can't get past my own prejudice. Maybe since I watch so many shows I don't care but I tend to want to know why I react strongly to things. Like poking at a wound.

Ah whatever.

WHAT TO DROP!!! If only I could let something go...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad you decided to take me up on the CSI:NY rantage. It can only be therapeutic.


10/19/2004 01:01:00 PM  

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