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Friday, November 19, 2004

another one bites the dust

i suppose i should have called this one

The Cost of Living in Bermuda

I had a lovely chat with the folks in Bermuda. It sure sounds like a nice place if i want to live with a family, work for less than i make here and come home more broke than i am now. Not to mention that I have to support myself for the first month and build my own client base.

Cause yeah.

I think I'll stick to being broke where I have friends who will feed me. In other news my newest teaching place doesn't look to be expanding further anytime soon. And pays less than expected. This is pretty tragic, I already have to steal from my insurance premium [yes i mean my malpractice insurance which is only renewable annually] to pay the rent and it looks like i will eat away at it for the next couple of months.

I am clearly doing something wrong, everyone else from my class is doing better than I am. In fact the girl I taught to teach got hired by the certifying studio. Everyone who hires me loves me. My clients love me. And yet somehow I just can't seem to get enough work. I like to think that it's the Universe challenging me to prove that this really is what I want to do. But I'm so freaking tired of being a pov.

Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul is not a sustainable lifestyle. When I got into my accident (the one that was imposed on me by a moron in an SUV in a snowstorm) I had a car on the road, no debt, a 45k/year job and a nice boyfriend. Not to mention some nicely growing RRSPs.



Job and boyfriend - gone
RRSPs - gone
Savings - gone
Career - drastically altered
Car- uninsured and parked

Soon I will have to give up my cable. In fact I should have given it up a couple of months ago but I can't quite bear to do it. So where does that leave me?

Still broke and still happy. But geeze Universe isn't it my turn for a break? Er a GOOD break!


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