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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Good golly what have I gotten myself into.

Some of you (you know, the three whole people who read this on occasion) may have noticed that I speak fairly often of my impoverished state. That may be looking up. I heard that our superintendent (dant?) had left/been let go/fired/chased out the door with his tail between his legs so I told the owner that I would like the job. Fully expecting him to say no he handed over the keys to the kingdom on Friday.


Don't get me wrong I'm stoked, jus nervous.

[Funnily enough I've tried to post three times this week but waiting times were so high I had to leave before I could even start.]

Anyway I've been the super of my building for a week now and I can't decide if I love it or hate it. Taking out the garbage for 40 apartments full of people who don't give a shit what the place looks like pretty much sucks but free rent is darned good. Then there's the owner's wife. Wow is she a cantankerous one.

Anyway wish me luck. I had a lot more to say but it took so long for this page to load that I don't have any more time. May have to find a new home for my blog.

Not that it matters since noone reads it *grin*


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