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Tuesday, January 04, 2005


My friend othercat had to let his cat othercat go today. We're all really sad because it feels shitty. It's sort of okay because she was twenty-one and a half and lived a good life. In fact she lived in more states/provinces than I have. Or at least as many... or a lot anyway. Whatever, as cat lives go I'd say it was a good one, she ate a lot and cuddled a lot and there was a lot of purring. Still, we're pretty sad.

In other news, I've been the super of my building for about a month now. I think I like it and I'm getting killer biceps. Like killer. The garbage may be one of the most repulsive tasks that exists. Mandatory shower afterward. Like so grody. I've learned that I will need to wash my jacket a lot, and I mean a lot, like once a month. Still and all I rather like it.

Of course that means that the building is most likely going to be sold which sucks. I like having my car on the road and teaching Pilates and doing a little housekeeping for spare cash. The schedule is good and sometimes sitting at home and watching television is actually my job. The apartment renting is going well, rented four last month and think i may have rented one today. Seems like a good candidate so I'm down with that.

It's strange how much I like this job.

Speaking of television. A lot of people are disappointed with Joan and The OC. I'm personally disappointed in SETH from the OC but not remotely disappointed in anyone else. I remember reading early on that none of these characters was perfect. So far it's true. Remember how in the first episode we hated Luke but now we miss him? How we didn't like Summer and now we love her? How we hated Marissa and now we curiously don't? Hello... it's called evolution, just look at the damm history. I think that it's difficult for people to handle change... the thing is, if it doesn't change then we hate it for staying the same.

Suck it up, it's a good show, stop expecting it to be just like last year. That goes for Joan too. I can't believe such a good show is on the bubble. It has to have dark times, things can't always just be happy hapy joy joy. Personally I really like the direction this year and am disappointed in the 25% of viewers who have left. We don't need them I tell you.

Okay off to have dinner with my sad friends.


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