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Thursday, September 01, 2005

bb king and kenny wayne shepherd

First of all I just found out the white stripes are playing september 16th AND that there's tickets. Shit I hate being broke. Link in the title mentions both the show tonight and that show.

Okay so as you know I went to see BB King tonight and if you aren't jealous then you should be. That guy is a natural showman. I recall seeing Swing at summerfolk and thinking that their frontman was one of the most natural performers I'd ever seen. Comfortable, laughing, having a great time. I mean the guy got the crowd to sing the fucking jeopardy theme song and enjoy it. So I figured 'damm that is one stellar front man'.

He sucks in comparison.

BB King played us like we were play doh in the palm of a child. He laughed at us, he made fun of us, he made us clap when he wanted, laugh when he wanted and most of all sing when he wanted. I happened to be sitting near the screen and not too far from the stage so when he was talking I could watch his closeup. You have rarely seen anyone having as much fun as he was.

That's not what I meant to talk about actually. What I meant to talk about were the people sitting two rows behind us. There's this kenny wayne shepherd band/guy on stage and i'm grooving along cause the music is really good and eventually the singer walks off the stage and they start playing this crazy, ethereal and beautiful music. So good but very spare and simple and suddenly all I can hear are these people behind me. TWO ROWS behind me. Talking at the tops of their lungs.

So eventually staring doesn't work, glaring doesn't work and I'm FRUSTRATED! I mean this music fucking rocks dudes. So good this stuff. So I turn around and I go 'would you please be quiet, thank you' and all the people in the row in front of them are like 'thank you!'

And I go back to grooving and they keep talking so I glare again and then (thank the universe) the band cranks it up and drowns them out for a bit. So when the song ends and they're still going at it i turn around and go 'are you going to talk all night or just during the good bits?' and this chick (I am NOT making this up) starts mouthing off to me that she paid good money for her seats.

"So did we!"

Being not insane I decided to shut up around then because this chick seriously looked like she was going to hit me AND the band had started up again. I would WAY rather listen to great music than scrap. WAY.

So after the set i head out for water and they're still glaring at me like *I* am somehow the uncouth person here. You have 20 people telling you to shut up and I'm simply one of them and *I* am the crazy rude person?

like what the fuck?

So off they go to get more beer and seriously the way this woman was looking at me I thought she was going to clock me one. So I stood up.

Damm I love being 5'11"

Fortunately the beer lines were long so they missed the first third of BB King's set and then they came back and I just resolutely ignored them because really... BB KING was on the stage!

Eventually the people directly in front of them got so riled up they stood up and started telling them off. So this chick starts WHISTLING for the security guy! WHISTLING! BB FUCKING KING is on the fucking stage and she's WHISTLING!

I was shocked. This chick is so nuts that when 20 people ask her to shut up she thinks THEY should be ejected from the show. She stomps off, yells at the security guy and then wanders around for a while.

Then she comes back and from the end of her row starts whistling AGAIN to get her also drunk friends to come with her as she goes off to some seats in the middle and closer to the front. Thank the universe cause otherwise I was going to have to punch her and I haven't been in a scrap since my teens.

Those poor fuckers they moved near!

Incidentally yes i did go bouldering and I found a new problem to work... and I learned a new move! No, I can't explain it. Well I can...


basically it's an overhang with some funny manoeuvers you have to do to get to the holds and with one of them you have your right foot on a hold, your right and left hands on holds and you're trying to move your left hand up about 3 or 4 feet and away from the direction your body is in. So your left foot is hanging off in space around the corner ... crap i'm so not explaining.

Picture a corner where you have one wall that's flat and not very long and another comes off it at about 90 degrees and is a deep overhang up to about 6' in the air and then it turns and goes relatively vertical to the top of the wall. You start with two hands on a giant ear in the overhang and your left foot on a tiny hold on the adjoining wall. Right foot is flagging out to the side. (deep overhang so it isn't on either wall) ... got it? well that's the best i can do.

first move is to move your left hand up and to the left about a foot and your right foot up onto a hold that's a little higher than the one your left foot is on.

second move is to reach your left foot out around the adjoining wall as you reach for a hold that's like 4 feet up and to the right on the overhang wall. Yeah. So the only way to actually get there is to lift your left foot into space at the same time as your right hand is reaching up. So counter intuitive but I nailed it after a few tries and now it's easy.

Next you have to move your left hand just above your right hand and put your left foot on the ear. I can do the foot but when I try to move my hand I fall off. More work!

I love bouldering but shit it takes a long time to get these problems...


Blogger DZER said...

you and the other concert-goers have much more patience than me. I would have been up in their faces with the full force of my 6'5", mega-sized body, telling them that if they want to talk, they should find a fucking coffee shop somewhere, because everyone else is here to listen to the music.

I need to find a petite woman who's into bouldering ... so I can be her boulder ...boy I wanna be bouldered by a bolder baby-size beauty of a broad ... *sigh*

and I'm still sooooo jealous you got to see BB King, even with the irritating people in the audience.

the last decent musical act I've seen in person was ... fuuuuuck! it's been so long I've forgotten!

9/01/2005 04:12:00 AM  
Blogger castufari said...

I saw BB King last year at Bele Chere. It was cool...sometimes his bandmembers would try to outdo him and he'd give them the "don't pull that shit" glance - then they'd quit. Nice. Great show, the only negative was his attitude towards women - he was going to do pretty much what he wanted and if "the bitch" didn't like it then tough shit.

Sass, you have me wanting to hit the climbing gym. Damn you. :) The Y south of me...about 8 miles away..has one, I need to check it out.

I climbed when I was in Outward Bound school...it was fun. Did "a chimney"..almost vertical notch in the rock that went a ways up, 1 side open, 3 sides solid rock. Some of the pitches killed me on the open faces, getting my size 13 foot in some of the cracks wasn't happening so I had to kick my toes in and pray. I lived. Climbing in the rain was fun, we did a ledge and my feet allowed me to get some grip. I think I feel twice on the whole trip.

Audience chatters piss me off. When I saw Bruce Cockburn some asshat behind me talked through the first song before Bruce gave her the stinkeye. Damn people...save your $20 and go to Starbucks and chat. I don't care about Dave and Cindy nor do I give a flying fuck about your college buddies. If I want to here you talk I would have frigging asked.

Some great shows I've seenb in no order:
1) Ramones. The MINUTE they start playing the mosh pit fired up. The drummer (I think it was Marky) took no breaks, between songs (which wasn't long, Joey would take a drink of water then the drummer would yell out "1-2-3-4!" and they'd start off into another kick ass song. I've never sweated so much in my life, these shows almost caused me to hang up my Doc Martins since I know they'd never see such action again.
2) Husker Du. Bob Mould...damn. Clean cut bunch of guys, Bob mumbled "Hey" and started playing. Lots of distortion, his guitar never stopped until they took a break. I lost a shoe here (one of my Vans) while crowd surfing. :D They broke up a few days after that show. :(
3) Bruce Cockburn. This guy has a bus for his instruments alone. He had a wall of stringed things and would pick one out and start playing. Amazing. This was a show were no one talked (except for that bitch behind us), we sat around (the club had maybe 12 chairs) on the floor and listened. What a story teller...after this concert I could have died or never seen a concert again. So beautiful that I wanted to cry, Bruce is amazing.
4) Steel Pulse. Ah, reggae. Amazing band, they're so tight. Political but reggae needs to be. Still one of my favorite bands.
5) Beach Boys. Need I say more? Saw these guys the night after I broke up with my first "serious" gf. Met a sweet little blonde from Virginia Tech, we danced and enjoyed the night. Never saw her again, but the night still is fresh in my mind.
6) The Ventures. A coworker wanted to see them (Joe, what an asshole, damn I liked him though) so we went. Talk about polished...they couldn't screw up if they tried. Saw them in...88 or so...they were getting old...they kicked butt and still kick butt today.

9/01/2005 06:47:00 AM  
Blogger sassinak said...

dzer i was pretty proud of my 'are you going to talk through the whole show or just the good bits' line i must say. but it sure would have been handy to have you around. I was the youngest/tallest/fittest person around and i'm really not that intimidating.

Also, nice alliteration dude!

dzer you should be jealous, he's awesome. He's also an old man who thinks of women in a very different way than men do today... but he's at least funny about it.

dude you have to get off the guam for a bit!

9/01/2005 11:53:00 AM  
Blogger sassinak said...

these comments are so long and awesome i'm tackling them seperately!

castu i look forward to reading your tag, i'm heading over there momentarily.

I seriously have to come down for bele chere some year... bb king, xavier rudd... i mean hell there's some serious talent that plays at that festival. Also the food sounds awesome.

As for BB, yeah, he was clearly raised in a whole different era. He called us ladies in the show last night but some of his stories, while funny, were less than respectful. He's over 80, I've decided I don't care :)

castu: HOT MUSCLES SHOW UP FAST and it's hella fun :) I used to climb the blasting cliffs around my house when i was a kid but i didn't know until a few years ago that that was a sport :) Your outward bound trip sounds more and more awesome the more i hear about it.

some of my great shows? Jane's Addiction BEFORE lollapalooza and too much heroin at the concert hall in toronto.

xavier rudd at hillside

don't laugh... damm yankees at canada's wonderland... they were just having SO MUCH fun.

i don't really do concerts anymore... but i did see so many awesome ones when i was young... guns n' roses, metallica, aerosmith and so on...

now i mostly do festivals which is a totally different vibe and often the stuff i like best is when they toss three bands on a stage and see what happens.

9/01/2005 12:05:00 PM  
Blogger castufari said...

Maybe next year you can do BC, it's usually fun - esp if they have good bands. The food is so-so, most of it isn't local. I avoid eating there if I can, prefering to hit my normal hangouts while everyone is getting their BC on.

GOing by the climbing gym (ClimbMax) this w/e. Closer than the Y place and it's downtown. I could ride in.

Hot muscles would be nice. Swimming helped mine a lot, I do have a great back now (according to 2 females) and my legs "look good" according to another.

Time for an unhealthy lunch!

9/01/2005 12:39:00 PM  
Blogger Light Strikes A Deal said...

I work at a problem for months at a time just for the 30 seconds of supreme sweetness when I finally match the finish. Doesn't make much sense really, but thats the sport. If you aren't willing to fail misurably 90% of the time, you probably will never really understand a boulder.

9/01/2005 12:58:00 PM  
Blogger sassinak said...

castu: i love how i keep getting you into sports/forms of exercise... speaking of backs i was working on my cousin's computer and she's all 'damm you have amazing back muscles i'm so jealous' which is REALLY funny when you realise she's a size four and i'm well... not.

my legs are starting to get so that i can wear proper shorts again... not there yet but i can see it coming... also the sides of my delts are lined now... just waiting on the tops!

can't really swim, hurts that muscle in my shoulder that's weak. Funny cause at the gym yesterday i fell on that very muscle (didn't let go fast enough and all my weight came onto my right shoulder) and something went 'snap' and it hasn't hurt since... and it hurt every fucking day for ages now.

lsad: i cannot figure out how to shorten your nick to something useful! and no worries... failure doesn't bug me... if it did i'd be doing something i'm really good at instead of learning something i'm not so good at. well i'm good enough at routes or i was once but bouldering is way more fun in a lot of ways.

9/01/2005 01:06:00 PM  
Blogger castufari said...

On the music scene, grab some Pietasters, the new Aquabats OR, for a great party CD, "Suited and Booted", a killer ska party mix.

I am in the mood for more vodka.

9/01/2005 08:46:00 PM  
Blogger sassinak said...

*I* am in the mood for more beer

also *growl* some trouble!

9/02/2005 12:10:00 AM  

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