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Saturday, October 15, 2005

been a while

Holy holy crap.

I was going to hit snooze like three more times and then rush through the shower on my way to teach the last saturday class I take. (well the occasional sub sure) Unfortunately the cat knocked over a shot glass left on the desk from last night and it shattered so I got up to clean it.

What, othercat came over for a drop of Irish (or two)

Anyway when I picked up the broom my fingers were insanely unhappy. I'm like 'hold the broom' and they're like 'bitch'. Unexpectedly owwy let me tell you. I didn't think I climbed that hard really, I mean maybe I did since I fell off the route I warmed up on like 4 times and never made it up it at the end of the night.

Still and all I only bouldered for less than an hour before doing routes so I'm surprised about this. Maybe need to take an extra day or two off. Looking at my fingers I notice active callus in 23 places at this point.

It's pretty funny actually because *I* think my hands are hot. I don't think anyone else will really since they're ripped to shreds and the nails are like too short to scratch my scalp with. Doesn't really matter cause my calluses can scratch my skin just fine but I miss being able to scratch my head!

[damm i love my new desktop, so many happy making pictures drive by]

Anyway I've decided that climbers have sexy hands. If you're a climber, a weight lifter or someone who does manual labour.

Otherwise? Yeah I'm thinking the response is 'um... why do you do that to yourself?'

Because it's fun duh.

Hubris broke himself last night and we're really hoping that it's a short term injury but I have a bad feeling about this. He was having shooting pains into his scalp and down his shoulder and picking up his little bag made him wince.

Hopefully he got the back rub he was after and also I really hope he took a hot shower to ease things but yeah... shitty.

Speaking of climbers, climber guy hasn't called which, really, no surprise there. Guess you're not allowed to turn down sex on date two and get date three. Seriously dude, I have a little self respect and I don't boink people I've spent under 6 hours with. It's just sorta tacky really.

Course last time I thought he wasn't going to call he was out with Princess Valium *snerk!*

Damm my hands hurt.

Okay off to shower and teach and take a class from the blonde goddess. Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!


mmm *bliss*
*hot shower*
*hot shower*
*hot shower*
*tooth brushing*

off for coffee!


Blogger DZER said...

my saturday was quite pedestrian ... a bit of work, a decently nice lunch (steak, yum!), a bit of household shopping and what-not...

...oh ... I also purchased a new pair of flip-flop earrings ... these are a little more girlie and cute but still cool.

Can't guarantee a delivery date, cuz I know mail out of Guam is kinda slow to the U.S. mainland; who knows how long it will take to get to Canada?


10/15/2005 09:05:00 AM  
Blogger Hubris said...

How sweet, Dzer!

Sass, good news. 1- not broken. I now have full mobility.

2- the hot shower... yeah it did help. ;)

3- apparently, she feels a lot better.

4- Climbing is being seriously considered for Sunday or Monday. Really, FULL mobility.

10/15/2005 11:20:00 AM  
Blogger DZER said...

hedonist: glad yer not seriously hurt!

and what can I say ... I have a hard time turning down polite requests from sexy canadians ... LOL

10/15/2005 11:27:00 AM  
Blogger sassinak said...

hedonist: why am i imagining that you're being a bit dirty when you inform me you have full mobility?

i am glad she feels better :)

also, sunday after 1 or monday after 9... preferences?

dzer: tragically only folks in guam and texas find me sexy *grin*

YAY flip flop earrings so i too can have a little being dive into my ear!

10/15/2005 01:08:00 PM  
Blogger SonusExMachina said...

I think you can add Missouri to the list with Texas and Gaum... For sure!

What's a flip-flop earring?

10/15/2005 05:20:00 PM  
Blogger sassinak said...

aww *blush*

if you look at this post by dzer you can see them and his little comment regarding their awesomeness

10/15/2005 05:42:00 PM  
Blogger DZER said...

ooh ... I'm even getting reference posts to my earrings LOL

sass: Guam, Texas, MIssouri ... you're building quite the database of U.S. areas ... I'm sure it will only increase ;)

10/15/2005 08:12:00 PM  
Blogger sassinak said...

your earrings are awesome, i can't wait for mine!

clearly i should be angling to move to the states *grin*

10/15/2005 09:39:00 PM  

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