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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Bored now

I *was* addicted to the matchmaking website linked from the title but I'm not anymore. The tests and questions are fun but eventually you've answered all the questions *and* done all the good tests. At that point you are reduced to randomly changing your settings in order to have someone new show up in your match list.

Frankly the whole thing escapes me a little. Instant messages that consist of 'hi' and when you reply 'hello' they sit there and wait for you to carry the conversation. Women who thank you for actually trying to make friends and then don't answer your mail (all the while claiming to be looking for friends and not men on their profiles). Men who send email that says "hi, you look very interesting, write to me and tell me about yourself..."

Uh yeah... I did in fact write an extensive profile, why on earth would I bother rewriting that for someone who can't be bothered reading it in the first place.

Better yet is the guy who emails interesting things, starts an instant messaging conversation and then never answers your follow up email. Like whatever.

I don't understand. Why am I expected to do all the work when they are contacting *me*??? Isn't it the contactor expected to make an effort and not the contactee? Perhaps I'm just locked in the age of my mother and still expect men to do all the work. I just don't think that's it. If you're going to send someone an email telling them you're interested in them... shouldn't you at least pretend to have paid attention to what they said about themselves?

I'm tempted to get men I like to do the questions just to see how we match up, but take the site seriously as a way to meet said men? Not so much. I've decided to chuck the dating sites and just participate in my life instead. If I don't meet someone I don't meet someone, but the matchmaking website thing is for the birds.

[The tests were sure fun for a while though!]


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