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Monday, June 27, 2005

Missing things

no link today

If you know me you know that I had a car accident a few years ago. If you don't, just know that I seriously disrecommend car accidents but that mine was a life altering experience in an absolutely positive way. So.

When I got into my car accident I happened to snowboard and to be a rock climber. I was at about the 10 month stage in the climbing experience, just enough to know that next summer I was for sure going outside and that maybe I better work a teeny bit harder on my abs because the upside down stuff wasn't working for me at all.

Snowboarding was also quite new, I'd been at it for about a season and a half and was planning to certify to drive a toboggan at the end of that ski season. Ah link today after all. The day after I recertified to drive a toboggan on skis I got rear ended by the infamous SUV of back pain. So that sort of trashed my volunteering in the ski patrol habit.

Anyway, because when you snowboard you land on your ass really hard... a lot. No a lot. And because my accident trashed my lower back I was forced to give it up. As for climbing... well having a sixth whiplash is not conducive to good shoulder integration and tends to make the whole hang off a wall by your index finger and three toes thing pretty much impossible.

And let me tell you I missed these things. I maligned the universe for taking them away from me. And then I got really lost in the morass of my own pain and misery and lack of sleep and I stopped even missing the activities of my life. I started to miss instead things like walking, transferring laundry into the dryer, pouring cat litter into the litter pan... cooking (too much standing loads the trashed lower back), making love with my (now ex) boyfriend, sharing a bed, movies... you know, life.

Interestingly, I miss climbing and snowboarding again. I think I'm almost healed. Healed enough to try hanging off a wall and finding out if my shoulders survive.

Wish me luck.


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