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Monday, July 25, 2005


did i mention xavier rudd rocks?

sam roberts wasn't bad either but i was so tired by then i couldn't properly enjoy it.

the workshops were fantastic. most memorable? The guys from Quebec with the Indian guys. Les Batinses and Dya Singh. They should play together all the time, it was phenomenal. I danced a lot.

some people shouldn't drink and drum. or drive.

it's hard to drum with a circle that can't listen to itself.

swimming lessons are so much fun. I ended up doing four or five of them this weekend and had a blast. Couple of people told me that I was a good teacher. :)

[othercat's Hillside tale]

i think i'll certify and start teaching water things also.

i want to be the xavier rudd version of a deadhead.

i'm a better drummer than i like to admit.

i want to take myself someplace that is else

now how?

i have this little warm ball of energy in my chest that was a gift from a special soul. :_

i love my volunteer job. i fully have the best job at the festival.

i'm having some hillside revenge (ragingly vegetarian diet just got thrust upon my intestines. they are slightly miffed)

i still love reading in my tent on saturday afternoon. it's pretty much an annual highlight.

i wonder if i should stop promoting Hillside so much since it's sold out already. (er... this year... next year is strangely enough not available yet.)

is it weird that i get excited about next year's festival while driving home from this years?

is it weirder that i'm excited like every day?

is it even weirder that it never disappoints even after all that buildup?

this year was particularly stellar.

didn't i say that last year?

i'm in awe of the waste management at this shindig. They have (i shit you not) trash stations everywhere with recycling, dishes (for washing, NO disposable except a couple of specialty plate things at vendors), trash, composting, bottle return (in volunteer camping) ... and it's changed constantly ALL weekend. The place is clean the whole time... it's amazing.

people kept thanking me for my work which i didn't get. how was anything at hillside work? i get to sit on my ass, listen to music, flirt with cute guys (that tend to be performers or senior volunteers [what? nerdism of almost any kind turns me on], have an all access pass, talk on the radios, know everything, find excuses to talk to the cute musicians (fully egged on by my 'boss'), and get THANKED for it? I mean sure I had to know stuff and help people who were stressed but even stressed people at hillside are mellower than the average guy.

the honour system for volunteer food doesn't really work.

i missed the belly dancing workshops.

had yoga for breakfast.

[wanted to try out the climbing gym i drove by in guelph]

bought NEW flip flops on friday that i wore much of the weekend AND my feet are still speaking to me.

think i might get the other three xavier rudd cds. or i'll make a wishlist since my birthday is in the offing.

mmmm wishlist.

i wish to go to that festival in australia with the sign on the gate that says 'if this festival doesn't change your life, you're doing it wrong'

i wish to go a lot.


Blogger castufari said...

Now you have me redoing my schedule to see XR. :) He has a few live CDs, imports from Oz. Another artist you might enjoy is John Butler Trio. A compilation you might enjoy is Coastal Chill. Might be good birthday material (hint hint).

I love going to things that make you want more or draw you into them so you return.

The cleanliness....when I was up in CA I didn't see a lot of litter. On the way up from Waterton to Calgary (Rt 2 I think) I saw people pulling over to put their trash in the trashbins. One group was a carload of what seemed to be drunk Native Americans. They rolled up to one stop, put their cans in the recycling bin, moved on. In downtown Calgary I saw people putting their butts into trashcans vs on the ground.
Sadly I return from that trip, pull into the yard and see some kid toss his candy wrapper in my yard.

Nice writeup as usual. :)

7/26/2005 06:01:00 AM  

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